Preschool Texture Play

Exploring texture in early years art

Hands-on learning experiences offer a tactile engagement with art which is usually lacking in a gallery visit or flip-through a book. Physical experiences of the textures, as well as the scents and sounds, of the materials and processes involved in making art are invaluable. Such play opportunities contribute to the development of a rich sensory language – providing experiences for children to recall later when engaged in other projects. I really believe texture focused activities are essential for any early years art curriculum,

not least because they:

  • allow children freedom to explore varied materials without a predefined outcome;

  • enable discovery of new and surprising effects, both visual and tactile;

  • extend aesthetic experience beyond the realm of the visible;

  • broaden vocabulary as children encounter and learn to identify differences in texture – rough, smooth, soft, hard, lumpy, runny, slimy, prickly etc.

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